What does training involve?

The training involves 120+ hours of class/instructional hours that includes the GCDF competencies and other objectives like:

  • Career resources, planning process
  • Basic helping skills
  • Models and theories
  • Various assessments
  • Working with diverse clients and specific needs
  • Job search and job market resources
  • Ethics, including scope of practice
  • And more...

Training Modalities

Catherine offers three types of training: eLearning, hybrid (face-to-face and online), or face-to-face only. 

eLearning is the most popular way of training as it is most convenient for the student. The course is taught online and additional call-ins scheduled throughout the course allow for instructor and student to "meet" face-to-face. The flexibility of eLearning allows students to begin the course almost immediately and work at their own pace. 

Hybrid involves some face-to-face training and some eLearning. Usually 1-2 weekends of face-to-face contact with continued eLearning training (as described above). If you are interested in training a large group or organization, this may be the best option. 

Face-to-Face is the least popular but most traditional form of training. Training space with access to Wi-Fi, and presentation technology is also required as part of this modality.